What is MICG

Moving Forward Together With Japan's Growth Strategy

I still remember them clearly.

The day when my family got our first color TV, how we watched a baseball game, and how amazed I was at the vivid green grass.

The day when we installed an air conditioner (which we used to call a cooler), and said goodbye to our fan forever.

The day when I first wrapped my hands around my very own car's steering wheel, and how I felt more free at that moment than I ever had in my life.

After being defeated in World War II, Japan enjoyed continuous economic growth until 1989, when it reached its economic peak right before the bubble burst. Since then, Japan has been in a perpetual state of stasis for more than 20 years.

Today, Japan is home to the fastest-aging population in history, and faces a financial crisis that threatens to surpass that of the post-war era.

In order to break out from this situation, we, Japan's current generation, need to assume responsibility.

We believe that we cannot cling to existing value. Instead, we must be brave and venture forward into unknown territory. Only then will we be able to create something truly new and valuable, and realize true economic growth.

By providing consulting for corporations and government offices, and helping them reform their organizations and societies into value-producing entities, we aim to help contribute indirectly to that goal.

We support the creation and growth of entrepreneurial ventures, which are in the best position to make real contributions to humanity's continued development. Furthermore, by becoming players and joining these ventures ourselves, we too can make direct contributions.

MICG pledges here and now that we will be a place where people with great ambitions come together, and to continue to serve as a foundation that will propel Japan's growth strategies forward.